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Q: What is Schweatys?

A: Are you a SWEATY gamer with SWEATY hands!? Then you need Schweatys! Schweatys is an Alcantara skin made to increase your grip on your controller. Schweatys brings Alcantara to gaming controllers, providing a 0.8 mm layer of performance grip and luxury feel. The concept of Schweatys was born from years of racing cars and playing video games. Since Alcantara typically adorns the interiors and steering wheels of high-end sports cars, made by Lamborghini, Porsche and Ferrari, bringing it to gaming controllers was a natural combination. Schweatys consist of Alcantara, a premium Italian micro suede, and a 3M adhesive, providing you with unprecedented functionality, breathability, and customization. Schweatys are also strong enough to withstand the most competitive gameplay and be removed anytime!


Q: How long does it take to ship?

A: We try very hard to keep Schweatys in stock! But, naturally with an great product, it’s flying off the shelves! Worst case scenario Our Schweatys are cut to order and ship the next business day! Shipping/Delivery is decided by you at checkout!


Q: How do I apply Schweatys?

A: Schweatys are relatively easy to apply…I say that from a stand point of someone who has literally applied hundreds of Schweatys! Instead of typing instructions we’re just gonna direct you to our YouTube channel. Just search Schweatys and you’ll find application and removal videos.


Q: Are Schweatys removable?

A: Schweatys are 100% removable! The adhesive used to adhere Schweatys to your electronics is made by 3M, so it is the highest quality adhesive. The adhesive is meant to be strong but not permanent! Schweatys is on YouTube. Just search Schweatys and you’ll find application and removal videos.


Q: Where are Schweatys sold?

A: Currently, Schweatys is sold at www.Schweatys.com, Amazon, and Ebay! Existing promo codes only work at Schweatys.com.


Q: Which media outlets are Schweatys on?

A: Currently Schweatys spends most of its time on Instagram! @Schweatys! But we are also on Facebook!


Q: What is the best way to contact Schweatys?

A: The best way to contact Schweatys is through email or IG. SchweatysLtd@gmail.com and @Schweatys, respectively.


Q: What is Schweatys return policy?

A: Schweatys are non-refundable UNLESS you ship your order unopened back to Schweatys HQ in its original packaging. Due to the fact that some Schweatys are made to order and germs are contagious, once you open your package we are unable to resale that item. 


**Please contact Schweatys at SchweatysLtd@gmail.com or on Instagram at @Schweatys.